Our art department can always design signage for your needs, but if you already have artwork you can send us the files and we can use them for production. You can send your artwork to your sales representative when you place your order, or you can send it to our art department at aem@texasadvertising.com. When sending us electronic files please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Our art department uses Windows XP. However, we should have no issues opening files originally created on another operating system if it is the appropriate file type.
  • Our primary design software is CorelDRAW. We also use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, and FlexiSIGN-PRO
  • Acceptiable file formats include: CDR, EPS, AI, & PSD. Certain file types may be required for specific types of production. If your project requires a photograph, PSD, JPEG, & TIFF are acceptable formats. Be sure that the resoution of your images is appropriate for the project.
  • To avoid any font problems, it is best if you convert all text to outlines before sending the artwork to us.